Foreign Law

Foreign Law

Foreign law and international law are distinct areas of law. Foreign law, froma an U.S. perspective, involves the domestic laws of a non-U.S. country, while international law deals with legal relationships among countries. International law is generally divided into two areas: public international law (i.e., the laws and
norms that regulate interactions among countries) and private international law, which, in the United States, is typically referred to as conflicts or choice of law.

Foreign Law

•Costa Rica

•Czech Republic
•Dominican Republic
•East Timor
•El Salvador
•Hong Kong


•New Zealand
•St. Kitts & Nevis
•St. Lucia
•St. Vincent
•Saudi Arabia

•South Africa
•South Korea
•Trinidad & Tobago
•United Kingdom
•United States

Territories, Protectorates, Other
•Palestinian Authority



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