Federation Of American Controlled Shipping


Federation Of American Controlled Shipping

Summary of Federation Of American Controlled Shipping

An association of American firms that operate Liberian- and Panamanian-registered tankers, bulk carriers, and specialized vessels. Currently, federation member firms control over forty-three million deadweight tons of foreign shipping. In addition, federation members control approximately one-half the tanker tonnage registered under the American flag, and assert that 85 percent of the foreign flag tonnage is under effective United States Control (read this and related legal terms for further details), thereby making the foreign flag vessels available to the United States in the event of war or other emergency. Only American companies, controlled by U.S. citizens, are eligible for membership. The association was formed in 1958 “to counter-balance U.S. maritime union efforts to discredit the economic and strategic value of American-controlled Liberian and Panamanian shipping.”The association asserts that American construction and operating costs for vessels are not competitive with those available elsewhere in the world.

The organization is based in New York and maintains a Washington office. Membership in 1984 consisted of:

Alcoa Steamship Company, Inc.

Amoco Marine Transportation Company Arco Marine, Inc.

Bethlehem Steel Corporation Cade and Cooke, Inc.

Charter Shipping Agents, Inc.

Chevron Shipping Company Conoco Division/DuPont Cosmopolitan Shipping Company, Inc.

Dow Chemical Company Exxon Corporation Getty Oil Company Grand Bassa Tankers, Inc.

Gulf Oil Corporation Lubrizol Corporation Marathon Oil Company Marine Transport Lines, Inc.

Navios Ship Management Services, Inc.

Phillips Petroleum Company Reomar, Inc.

Reynolds Metals Company Skaarup Shipping Corporation States Marine Corporation Sun Transport, Inc.

Texaco, Inc.

Union Oil Company of California Utah International, Inc.

(Main Author: William J. Miller)



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