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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions and the GATT Policy Negotiations

In relation to the GATT Policy Negotiations, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following explanation and/or definition of Export Restrictions: While usage varies, this term is often used to denote quantitative limits or charges on exports purely for domestic purposes, such as protecting producers and consumers from temporary shortages of certain materials, promoting processing of raw materials within the producing country, or bolstering export prices by limiting supplies in world markets. They are thus distinguished from export restraints, which are designed primarily to forestall frictions with the exporting country’s major trading partners. US efforts in the Tokyo Round to have GATT rules and disciplines extended to export restrictions were largely unsuccessful. See also export controls andsupply access.

Sanctions, Export Controls and Restrictions in 2013

United States views on international law [1] in relation to Sanctions, Export Controls and Restrictions: This entry discusses selected developments during 2013 relating to sanctions, export controls, and certain other restrictions relating to travel or U.S. government assistance. It does not cover developments in many of the United States’ longstanding financial sanctions regimes, which are discussed in detail at (link resource) treasury.gov/resourcecenter/sanctions/Pages/default.aspx. It also does not cover comprehensively developments relating to the export control programs administered by the Commerce Department or the defense trade control programs administered by the State Department. Detailed information on the Commerce Department’s activities relating to export controls is provided in the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security’s Annual Report to the Congress for Fiscal Year 2013, available at (link resource) bis.doc.gov/index.php/forms-documents/doc_view/866-bis-annual-report-tocongress-for-fiscal-year-2013. Details on the State Department’s defense trade control programs are available at (link resource) pmddtc.state.gov.

Export Restrictions

This section provides an overview of export restrictions within the legal context of Market Access (Quantitative Restrictions in Goods and Services) in international economic law (Main Regulatory Areas).



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