Export Control and Related Border Security (Exbs) Program

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Export Control and Related Border Security (Exbs) Program

Export Control And Related Border Security (Exbs) Program in 2016

Through the EXBS Program, the Department of State leads the interagency effort to strengthen adherence to nonproliferation norms by helping to build effective national strategic trade control and border security systems in countries that produce or supply strategic items as well as in key transit and transshipment hubs. EXBS works in 67 partner countries to improve national capabilities to regulate trade in sensitive items and prevent irresponsible transfers that may contribute to proliferation; detect and interdict illicit trafficking in proliferation-sensitive items at and between ports of entry by targeting high-risk shipments; investigate and prosecute violations of strategic trade control laws and regulations; and build and sustain a community of policymakers and technical experts committed to meeting international nonproliferation obligations and implementing effective strategic trade controls

In 2016, the EXBS Program oversaw more than 435 bilateral, regional, and international activities to promote the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of comprehensive strategic trade controls and trained more than 2,100 foreign officials. These activities improve the capability of partner countries to prevent the transfers of dual-use items and conventional weapons that contribute to proliferation, terrorism, or regional instability and include training on state-of-the-art detection, inspection, and interdiction equipment to detect, deter, and interdict illicit smuggling of radioactive and nuclear materials, weapons of mass destruction components, and other weapons-related items at air, land, sea, and rail borders.

Export Control And Related Border Security (Exbs) Program Developments

EXBS works with and complements the Department of Defense's International Counter-Proliferation Program and Cooperative Threat Reduction Program; the Department of Homeland Security's Container Security Initiative, the Department of Energy's International Nonproliferation Export Control Program and Office of Nuclear Smuggling, Detection, and Deterrence (NSDD); and the State Department's Antiterrorism Assistance Program and International Narcotics and Law Enforcement assistance programs, as well as other international donor assistance programs. The EXBS Program fulfills important U.S. and international commitments helping partner countries fulfill their international obligations and commitments, including those related to United Nations Security Council resolution 1540 (2004) and adherence to the guidelines of multilateral export control regimes.

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