European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies

European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies

The European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies has approximately 8,400 descriptors, and numerous non-descriptors. It provides a wellstructured and wide-ranging ” terminological tool” of controlled vocabulary with which to describe the subject content and format of all kinds of literature and material (books, reports, essays, journals, periodicaland
newspaper-articles, texts of agreements or speeches or declarations etc) in databases dealing with international politics, International Security , international economics and area studies. It will also handle subject analysis and description of institutions, organizations, events, projects, international Treaties , legal norms and many other relevant elements.

The printed Thesaurus consists of:
– a systematic volume in which the descriptors, in all seven languages in parallel, are set out in logical groups and sequences within a series of broad subject fields or “chapters” , with the terms in each group or block in English alphabetical order
– seven single-language volumes, each listing in alphabetical order the descriptors and selected nondescriptors in one language, indicating their position in the systematic structure.

This seven-language special subject Thesaurus has been developed in the framework of the European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (EINIRAS), a cooperation project set up in the 1990s between the library and information departments
of specialist European research institutes in these fields. It is part of an effort to explore and devise
methods and systems for these institutions to work more closely together in providing documentation and information on all aspects of international and foreign
affairs – politics, security, economics, development, law, etc – together with regional and country studies.

The European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies integrates the concepts and terminology of a number of thesauri and keyword lists currently used in research and information units, and sets these out systematically within a structure of broad subject fields.

This includes the lists of descriptors for International Law used in the Bibliothek des Max-Planck-Instituts für auslandisches üffentliches Recht und Vülkerrecht (Heidelberg) and in the Peace Palace Library (The Hague) were studied, and provided further concepts for inclusion.

The copyright of this Thesaurus is held by the European Thesaurus Producer Group, comprising those institutes which shared in the work of its creation. Its continuing development will be the responsibility of the new European Thesaurus Development Group, formed of those institutions which make substantial use of it.

Law Field Group

J Law
J.01 Law, general / Jurisprudence
J.02 Legal order
J.03 Laws and legal regulations
J.04 Judicial system
J.05 Proceedings law
J.06 Civil rights / Human rights
J.07 Constitutional law
J.08 Administrative law
J.09 Crime / Criminal prosecution
J.10 Penal system
J.11 Private law

Systematic Part: Law

J.01 … Law, general / Jurisprudence

General legal principles
Law as social control
Ecclesiastical law
International law
Natural law
Private law
Public law
Statute law
Abuse of rights
Law reception
Legal organizations
Legal practice
Legal protection
Legal situation
Legal status
Perception of law
Policy on legal issues
Legal capacity
Legal theory
Sociology of law
Comparative law
History of law

J.02 … Legal order

Legal order
Judiciary reform
Legal regulations
Legal security
Policy on legal issues
Rule of law
Security sector reform
State liability
Case law
Common law
Customary law
Natural law
Statute law
Traditional law
Islamic law
National law
Roman law

J.03 … Laws and legal regulations

Laws / legal regulations
Abrogation of laws / legal regulations
Coming into force of laws / legal regulations
Commentaries on laws / legal regulations
Draft laws / legal regulations
Extraterritorial legislation
Hierarchy of laws / legal regulations
Interpretation of laws / legal regulations
Judicial review of constitutionality of laws / legal
Purview of laws / legal regulations
Regulations for implementation of laws
Revision of laws / legal regulations
Unification of laws / legal regulations
Administrative regulations
Legal forms
Statutes (laws)
Statutes / bylaws of institutions
Statutory decrees / statutory orders
Law case books
Law gazettes
Legal materials
Statute books
Texts of agreements / contracts
Texts of Constitutions
Texts of statutes / laws

J.04 … Judicial system

Judicial system
Appeals (law)
Court judgments
Legal decisions
Mediation / conciliation
Minority votes
Settlement (lawsuit)
Texts of court decisions
Administrative tribunals
Civil courts
Constitutional courts
Courts of appeal
Courts of arbitration
Courts of cassation
Courts of justice
Criminal courts
Human rights courts
Labour courts
Military courts
Special courts
Supreme courts
Civil court cases
Court cases
Criminal case defence
Criminal court cases
Judicial assistance
Law officers
Law suits
Legal cases / administrative cases
Political trials
Public prosecutors
Administration of justice
Arbitration (judicial)
Forensic medicine

J.05 … Proceedings law

Procedural law
Administrative court cases
Appeals (law)
Civil court cases
Court cases
Criminal court cases
Investigation proceedings (legal cases)
Law enforcement
Law suits
Legal cases / administrative cases
Penal enforcement
Procedural regulations
Settlement (lawsuit)

J.06 … Civil rights / Human rights

Civil and political rights
Human rights
Equal rights
Freedom of expression and information
Fundamental cultural rights
Religious freedom
Right to asylum
Right to freedom from inhuman treatment
Right to selfdetermination
Right to selfdetermination of groups
Right to selfdetermination of individuals
Right to selfdetermination of peoples
Rights of the child
Social and economic rights
Crimes against humanity
Human rights violations
Legal status of groups
Minority rights
Protection of human rights

J.07 … Constitutional law

Constitutional law
Constitutional principles
Constitutional reality
Rule of law
Economic constitutions
Emergency powers
Legal framework for defence
Legal framework for foreign policy
Legal framework for social welfare
Legal framework for the highest political
Public finance law
War powers (constitution)
European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies – Systematic Part 115
Constitutional courts
Electoral law
Hierarchy of laws / legal regulations
Judicial review of constitutionality of laws / legal
Law governing political parties
Legal disputes between highest state institutions
Martial law
Unconstitutionality complaints

Administrative law
Ecclesiastical law
Air law
Aliens law
Budgetary law
Civil service law
Criminal law
Financial law
Immigration law
Martial law
Military law
Military penal law
Police law
Public finance law
Tax / fiscal law
Environmental law
Land law
Law of the sea
Water law
Collective bargaining law
Housing law
Labour law
Social security law
Building law
Intellectual property law
Maritime law
Media law
Transport law

J.09 … Crime / Criminal prosecution

Minor offences
Criminal offences
Criminality / delinquency
Extraterritorial crimes
Juvenile delinquency
Organized crime
Statute of limitations
Statutory offences
Crimes against humanity
Crimes against the state
Economic crimes
Human rights violations
Offences against property
Offences against public order
Offences against the person
Political crimes
War crimes
Computer crimes
Drug traffic
Hostage taking / kidnapping
Illegal international trade
Money laundering
Rape / Sexual offences
Tax evasion
Traffic in human beings
Violence against children
Violence against women
Violent crimes
Criminal court cases
Criminal law
Criminal prosecution
Detention before trial
Immunity (legal prosecution)
Investigation proceedings (legal cases)
Political trials
Secret police
State security agencies

J.10 … Penal system

Law on penal enforcement
Penal enforcement
Corporal punishment
Death penalty
Disciplinary punishments
Forced labour
Illegal executions
Political custody
Prison sentences
Restrictions on movement
Conditions of confinement
Detention camps
Social reintegration

J.11 … Private law

Civil law
Private law
Family law
Inheritance law
Matrimonial law
Right of establishment law
Banking and monetary law
Business law
Business terms
Collective bargaining law
Commercial law
Competition law
Contract law
Cooperatives law
Corporate law
Economic law
Foreign trade and payments law
Insurance law
Intellectual property law
Investment law
Labour law
Legal liability
Patent law
Property law
Agrarian law
Building law
Environmental law
Housing law
Land law
Rent / tenancy law
Social security law
Private International Law

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