Environment and international law. Bibliography

Environment and international law. Bibliography

International environmental law is a relatively new field in international law but reflects a rapid build-up of Treaties and global and regional conferences to deal with this important subject; unfortunately, policy results in this area of law have been somewhat disappointing. The global biosphere can be thought of as having the interdependent dimensions of air, water, soil, forests, and wildlife, each with its own treaty regime. Conventions to protect the oceans have had measurable success but climate/air pollution problems noticeably lag behind some other environmental improvements. Economic needs and wants, worsened by a rising world population, make it difficult to achieve environmental progress. Everyone shares environmental problems in common but women in Third World countries and indigenous peoples, both with lives intimately bound up with the land, probably suffer more than other identifiable groups. Global governance, made up of states, IGOs and NGOs working together, represents an impressive effort to develop cooperation and rules for a healthy environment.


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