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Encyclopedia of Law and Economics

Second Edition: 2012

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: in general, begining 2012
Series: Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Second Edition Series
Edition number: 2
Pages: around 300 to 800, depending on the volume.


  • Regulation and Economics: Van Den Bergh Staff
  • Procedural Law and Economics: Chris William Sanchirico
  • Production of Legal Rules: F. Parisi
  • Property Law and Economics: Boudewijn Bouckaert
  • Antitrust Law and Economics: Keith N. Hylton
  • Labor and Employment Law and…: Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt


This series are useful both for economists who want an introduction to a law subject from an economic point of view, and for legal academics seeking new insights into traditional areas of law.

Each book of this series together constitute the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. The general series builds further on the Bibliography of Law and Economics (Bouckaert and De Geest, 1992), which merely contained literature references to the various domains of
law and economics, as well as on the earlier version of the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics which was published in 2000.

However, an update of this project was needed because since 2000, there have been many evolutions and further refinements in the economics and legal literature.

The second edition of this series about law and economics is, as many second editions, an expanded and updated collection that shows new developments and reiterates classical legal themes.

First Edition: 2.000

That first edition of the Encyclopedia was published both in hard copy as well as electronically (Bouckaert and De Geest)


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