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Ecological Performance

Ecological Performance: New Metric to Measure Green Supply Chain Practices, the Law and other Social Sciences

This chapter is aim to discuss the concept of ecological performance which extended from environmental performance. Sustainable development has become a concerned focus nowadays by governments, companies, communities, and even individuals. Manufacturing companies need a performance measurement that can balance between profit and environment. The concept of reduction of resource use and waste generation is not limited to manufacturing processes of focal company but it can be embraced into product design that benefiting the end users as well as stakeholders. Company can build competitive advantages by integrating ecological performance into business value stream mapping. Reduction of resources and energy use can help company to be cost effective thus able to survive in market price war. Company can enhance product quality through eco-design and sustainable manufacturing to preempt competitors. Company can build green image to gain customer loyalty. Waste reduction can help company to save capacity thus to be more flexible in shipment delivery and support customer dynamic needs.[1]


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