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Dutiable Status

Summary of Dutiable Status

A determination made by customs authorities, in accordance with the laws of the importing nation, as to whether a given imported article is subject to duty, and if so, at what rate. The dutiable status is determined by classifying the merchandise, i.e., determining into which category the product falls under the tariff schedules.

(Main Author: William J. Miller)

Dutiable Status and the GATT Policy Negotiations

In relation to the GATT Policy Negotiations, Christopher Mark (1993) provided the following explanation and/or definition of Dutiable Status: A determination made by an importing country's customs authorities whether a particular article is subject to duty and, if so, at what rate. The dutiable status is determined by “classifying” the merchandise –i.e., determining into which category of the tariff schedules the product falls. See customs classification.

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