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Driving Under the Influence is defined as the operation of a vehicle after the consumption of alcohol or drugs. It is considered as a criminal offense in many countries.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the offense can also be called a DWI or Driving While Intoxicated, DUII for Driving Under Intense Influence and OMVI or Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated.

In an effort to combat the instances of drunk driving, field sobriety tests have are administered to determine a person’s capability to operate a motor vehicle. It is a standardized evaluation used to obtain the indicators of one’s impairment and is used to establish probable cause for an arrest.

Offenders who are convicted of DUI charges may face any number of consequences which can include small or heavy fines and a temporary suspension of the offender’s drivers’ license for minor cases.

There are also circumstances where mandatory counseling as well as attending classes on alcohol or drug use and enlisting in traffic school or driver re- Education programs is enforced.

DUI charges could also lead to the permanent loss of driving privileges and impoundment of the offender’s vehicle. There may also be major cases wherein the offenders face possible house arrest, incarceration in a local facility and even prison time.


The ramifications of having a DUI arrest or charge get harsher as the years go by. Not to mention that any arrest for a criminal charge becomes a matter of public record that can be a detriment to one’s reputation.

Cases with such gravity cannot just be left to a public defender to be dealt with. A proper lawyer should be equipped enough to handle the case in terms of its processes and proceedings.



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