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Definition of Drones: What’s a drone?

By Logan Orlando.

A deceptively simple question begets an increasingly complex answer. Once known solely as a weapon of war, the term drone now also covers the ten-pound, auto-piloted aircraft your nerdy neighbor just built in his garage. It might look like the model airplanes of your youth, but chances are the technology is different.

The fact that one term applies to both recreational and killer aircraft illustrates just how much the definition of a drone has evolved. In short, a drone (either an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or unmanned aerial system (UAS), as it is less-threateningly referred to by government agencies and politicians alike), is any aircraft capable of autonomous flight. A GPS system is commonly in place to guide the aircraft, and often drones are equipped with cameras, infrared devices, microphones, or other sensors, sometimes even with lasers. Drones also can wirelessly transmit information back to their operator, or home base. They can be as compact as a small bird (Nano Hummingbird) or as large as a fighter jet (X-47B).

Drone Privacy Invasion and Issues

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Transport > Air and space transport > Air transport > Aircraft fleet > Aircraft


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Transport > Air and space transport > Air transport > Aircraft fleet > Aircraft > Drone

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1 thought on “Drone”

  1. Drones are being used to perform illegal searches on individuals inside their homes. To be more precise they are being used around Travis Air Force Base in Napa, American Canyon, Vallejo, Concord, Antioch, Oakley, and Brentwood. Not sure yet who controls them, however they are definitely being used by Napa and Contra Costa County officials. The scans can not only be heard but can be felt like a sound of a stereo with a strong base system going thru ones body. Several individuals have been scanned in their own homes or while visiting friends homes in Vallejo, Napa, American Canyon, Oakley, and Antioch. After feeling the scan they have gone outside to see what might be causing it and everytime their has been an unmanned ariel vehicle in the sky or lights low in the sky at night which fly away to avoid detection, or maintain a pattern in the sky such as the constillation “Orion’s Belt” to avoid detection. Whomever is controlling them knows very well that they are deliberately defying these individuals rights to privacy and avoid being “caught” by a cameras view. Some have tried to attain an attorney but have been advised that such a case would demand an extensive investigation which in turn would cost more than most could afford to retain such a service to be able to follow through to a court of law. That being said. it is way too easy for “officials” to abuse this power and way to hard for most of us to “prove” in a court of law! So we just loose our right to expect privacy in our homes? We all become victims to un-authorized and illegal searches? We all fall victim to being viewed within the walls of our homes? In our bedrooms? In our bathrooms? Believe me they already have this technological ability and they are already abusing it! If you don’t believe it, just look in the skies around Napa junction any night or day of the week, especially in the neighborhoods surrounding the all night super Walmart at Napa Junction, perhaps, should you look the type you might even be scanned while shopping? Its happened to some of us already and it appears that most of the community protect the drones and their controllers, because if you start flashing a camera in public they will alarm them with their horns or car alarms and the drones will disappear suddenly behind the apartments, clouds, trees, or if its night time a helicopter might suddenly appear in the sky so you are detoured from using a flash. The scan of the drones at times is so strong that individuals while being scanned feel light headed, dizziness, nauseous and “equilibrium feels off balance. Once they are out of the drones scan they feel normal almost immediately, depending on the frequency and number of scans they’ve encountered in a day. Some have left with the off balance feeling (similiar to a drunken state) for several hours after being scanned. So What Now? How can this type of abuse be stopped? Sherrifs’ dept. claims they have no drones, so how does one go about pursuing justice when they cant find whom is responsible for the actions of these drones, other than their is always someone near them signaling the drone where to scan, how do we find or begin to find the party(s) responsible, in order to seek justice?

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