Introduction to Divorce

Divorce, or dissolution, as it is increasingly becoming known, a legislatively created, judicially administered process that legally terminates a marriage no longer considered viable by one or both of the spouses and that permits both to remarry. Until the divorce reform movement of the 1970s began to have an impact, the legal doctrines governing divorce could be understood only by reviewing the long history of English divorce law, which was dominated by concepts of canon law.” (1)

Divorce: Main Elements

The coverage of Divorce includes the following element(s):

Division of Property, Alimony, and Prenuptial Agreements

For detailed information on this issue, please read the corresponding entry.


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Main Elements in the United States Law

The American legal Ecyclopedia (including defining Divorce) offers a fundamental understanding of this topic, providing a fresh approach to the trends. The main entry thoroughly describes its application.


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Notes and References

Guide to Divorce

In this Section

Divorce, Divorce History, Divorce Reform, Divorce in the World and Divorce in the United States.

Divorce, Sexual Behaviour and the Law

Further Reading

The Legal History of Divorce

This section provides an overview of Divorce


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Further Reading

Hierarchical Display of Divorce

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Concept of Divorce

See the dictionary definition of Divorce.

Characteristics of Divorce

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Translation of Divorce

Thesaurus of Divorce

Social Questions > Family > Family law > Divorce
Social Questions > Family > Marital status > Divorced person > Divorce

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