Criminal Periodic Review Process

Criminal Periodic Review Process

Criminal Periodic Review Process in 2013

United States views on international law [1] in relation to Criminal Periodic Review Process: The periodic review process established by Executive Order 13567 (for Guantanamo detainees designated for continued detention or referred for prosecution, but not yet charged or convicted) commenced in 2013. See this world legal encyclopedia (in relation to issues that took place in the year 2011) at 576-79 for a discussion of E.O. 13567. As described in an October 9, 2013 Department of Defense news release, available at (link resource), the periodic review board process:

makes an important contribution toward the Administration's goal of closing Guantanamo Bay by ensuring a principled and sustainable process for reviewing and revisiting prior detention determinations in light of the current circumstances and intelligence, and identifying whether additional detainees may be designated for transfer.



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