Criminal lawyers

Criminal lawyers

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There are many offenses that are considered are criminal cases. There are drug related crimes, sexual offenses, violent crimes, as well as crimes that have been dubbed as being white collar.

Drug related crimes include crimes that pertain to the distribution, transportation, possession, sale, and manufacture of prohibited substances. Sexual offenses can be sexual assault, solicitation and rape.

Violent crimes include but are not limited to homicide, murder,manslaughter, battery, assault and domestic violence. White collar crimes are embezzlement, fraud and computer crimes.


There are different categories of crimes but are mainly divided based on the level upon which it has been committed. Lesser criminal acts are known as summary offenses or misdemeanors and grave acts are indictable offenses or felonies.

Misdemeanors or petty crimes come in different forms. Examples of such are vandalism, petty theft, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and simple assault. It’s the state’s discretion which offense can be classified as misdemeanors.

Crimes that are considered to be felonies include burglary, arson, grand theft, robbery, aggravated assault, murder and rape. Felonies are also classified as either being violent or non violent.


The degree or the severity of the crime that has been committed or that one is being accused of is a factor when it comes to enforcing punishment. Also a factor is the law in the specific location as different states have different laws.

For petty crime offenders or misdemeanor cases, the punishment is much less severe and more often than not, is confined mainly to monetary fines. It could also include community service and probation.

At times though, the punishment could also be house arrest, imprisonment that can be part time only, or a jail term or 12 months or less which is usually served at a local jail.

Felonies, however, have heavier consequences but also vary depending on each of the state’s legislature. For these crimes, punishment may include but is not limited to fines, long term incarceration or even execution.


Being arrested or charged of misdemeanors or felonies is a life altering event. It can have serious consequences. Having an experienced lawyer is of the utmost importance when faced with this situation.

The stigma of being perceived as a criminal is not something that one wants an so it is best to seek the counsel of an attorney who can defend you in the strongest possible way.



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