Counter Nuclear Smuggling Program (Cnsp)

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Counter Nuclear Smuggling Program (Cnsp)

Counter Nuclear Smuggling Program (Cnsp) in 2016

Securing dangerous radioactive and nuclear materials in illegal circulation before they reach the hands of terrorists or other malicious actors is critical to U.S. national security and that of U.S. allies. Using CNSP funds, the Department of State conducts outreach and programmatic activities with key governments to enhance their counter nuclear smuggling capabilities. Bilateral Joint Action Plans developed and implemented with 14 partner governments identify strategies to improve the partners' abilities to prevent, detect, and respond to nuclear and radiological smuggling attempts. As part of these Joint Action Plans, the United States commits to seek U.S. and foreign donor assistance to address needs outside the capacity of the partner nation. In 2016, more than US $80 million in foreign donations had enabled implementation of Joint Action Plan-identified actions

Through workshops and engagement activities, the Department of State uses CNSP funds to facilitate the integration of law enforcement, intelligence, and technical capabilities to counter nuclear smuggling. More broadly, CNSP programmatic support has enabled more than 20 partner nations to address goals that include enhancing nuclear smuggling response procedures, improving nuclear forensics capabilities, and enabling the successful prosecution of smugglers, while helping partners build cross-border and regional cooperation to counter nuclear smuggling.

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