Copyright Law

Copyright Law

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English language translations of the copyright laws from many countries are published in Copyright Throughout The World (West), Copyright and Neighboring Rights, Laws and Treaties (WIPO) and WIPO Lex (CLEA).

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office posts very good information about Canadian copyrights, including the full text of the Canadian Copyright Act, the related regulations, circulars, tariff information, etc.

For more resources see “Foreign Laws.” See also the “Treaties” section, below.


The Universal Copyright Convention (U.N.T.S. No. 13444), the World Intellectual Property Organization: Copyright Treaty (36 I.L.M. 65), the Berne Convention and other key copyright treaties are posted by WIPO Lex. You an also find U.S. copyright treaties in the Appendices to Circular 92 by the U.S. Copyright Office and on Lexis (COPYRT;TREATY).

See also the separate entries for “Treaties” in this legal Encyclopedia.

Copyright Law in the Digital Age and the Electronic Commerce

Copyright Law in the Digital Age in the Online Business Law

Copyright Law

Contents of Copyright Law

Contents of this subject matter include:

  • Introduction, history and theory of copyright, international treaty framework, subsistence of copyright
  • Subject Matter I
  • Subject Matter II including Folklore and indigenous cultural property
  • Authorship and Ownership
  • Economic Rights I
  • Economic Rights II – authorization and indirect infringement
  • Exceptions to infringement
  • Moral rights and performers’ rights
  • Remedies and enforcement
  • Dealings with copyright


See Also

  • Online Tax
  • Internet Law
  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Privacy
  • Internet Sales
  • Internet Tax
  • Crossborder Commerce
  • Keyword Advertising


Notes and References

See Also

  • Copyright
  • Copyright Notice
  • Copyright Registration
  • Rights of Copyright Owners
  • Licensing
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Fair Use
  • Brand Names
  • Patents
  • Trademarks



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