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Construction Industry

Advanced ICT Methodologies (AIM) in the Construction Industry, the Law and other Social Sciences

This chapter aims at introducing available cutting edge methodologies applicable to construction activities. To this end, the chapter brings information about different cutting-edge methodologies under one cover. The content of the chapter is designed for readers who might not be specialists in ICT-oriented techniques while working within any domain of the construction industry. In the classroom, this topic could be a supplementary source for courses on information systems in construction or lean project delivery.[1]


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Notes and References

  1. M. Reza Hosseini, Saeed Banihashemi, Fahimeh Zaeri, Alireza Adibfar, “Advanced ICT Methodologies (AIM) in the Construction Industry” (Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, 4th Edition, Information Resources Management Association, 2018)

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