Constitutional Texts Sources

Constitutional Texts Sources

There are two principal comparative sources for a majority of texts. Peaslee (1950-1974) and Flanz and Blaustein — and their successors Grote and Wolfrum – (1971-current) have compiled English translations of Constitutions for an exhaustive set of countries with periodic updates. While Peaslee’s series is updated roughly every five years, the Flanz and Blaustein series – the well-known Constitutions of the Countries of the World (CCOW) – is updated at least once a year. This last series updates are hole-punched and intended to replace previous updates in the binders.

Moreover, both of these series include notes and constitutional histories. CCOW’s publisher was Oceana Law.

These two sources provide constitutional texts since 1950. For constitutional events prior to 1950 there are regional and country sources available. Fortunately, the number of states drops precipitously in the years prior to our data-rich era (e.g. there were roughly 75 independent states in 1950 versus over 130 in 1960).

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