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Concept of Human Development

Major Components _f the Concept of Human Development (in the Human Development Area)

In this context, Major Components _f the Concept of Human Development means: Efficiency. People must be productive agents of the economy so that they possess the economic means to broaden their choices. Therefore, economic growth is a significant dimension of human development.

Equality. People must not be discriminated against. That narrows their choices in life and reduces their potential for human development. Consequently, the society also fails to attain its full development.

Sustainability. Access to capabilities must be secured both for the present and the future generations. In order to support sustainability of human development. Any model of development that only supports the present and deprives future generations is clearly not feasible. Capabilities Expansion. Development is to be carried out in the interests and with the efforts of people, who should participate in the decision-making processes that determine their lives.

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