Computer Intellectual Property

Computer Intellectual Property

Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section

Overview of Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section in relation to cyber crime: [1]CCIPS was originally founded in 1991 as the ''DoJ Computer Crime Unit.'' In 1996 it was upgraded to Section status and now has dozens of dedicated staff, including prosecutors and technical experts who focus nearly exclusively on crimes involving the illegal use of computers or other IT enabled devices. The Section also conducts follow-up investigations, provides legal training, litigates cases, and, as indicated about this topic, supports large-scale national and international investigations. The Section can also help in proposing new legislation for enactment by Congress and regulations promulgated by regulatory agencies that also help to investigate and prevent cybercrime. The Section participates in the international G-8 subgroup on high tech crime and conveys public information about cybercrime as a means of raising awareness and supporting cybercrime prevention education.


Notes and References

1. By Samuel C. McQuade, III

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Further Reading

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