Comparative Law Contents

Comparative Law Contents

Introduction to Comparative Law

Comparative Law Definition
Comparative Law and Foreign Law
Comparative Law Method
Mixed Legal Systems
Influence on National Legal Systems of comparative law

Uses of Comparative Law

Law Globalization
Comparative Law and Language
Comparative Law and Legal Culture
Comparative Law and Religion
Comparative Law and Legal History
Comparative Law and Socio-Legal Studies
Legal Systems
Harmonization of Laws
Unification of Laws

Areas of Comparative Law

Comparative Contract Law
Comparative Sales Law
Unjustified Enrichment in Comparative Law
Comparative Tort Law
Comparative Property Law
Comparative Succession Law
Comparative Family Law
Comparative Labour Law
Comparative Company Law
Comparative Antitrust Law
Comparative Constitutional Law
Comparative Administrative Law
Comparative Criminal Law
Comparative Civil Procedure
Comparative Law and Private International Law
Comparative Legal Families
Comparative Legal Traditions
Public International Law
European Union Law
Private International Law
International Penal Law
Damages (in tort law)
Insolvency Law
Insurance Law
Interpretation of Contracts
Family Law
Offer and Acceptance Inter Absentes
Personal and Real Security
Personality Rights

Comparison between Legal Systems

Legal Culture
Legal Reasoning
Legal Translation
Legal Transplants
Mixed Jurisdictions
Nationality Law
Comparability of Laws of Countries with Different Social Systems
Similarities between Legal Systems
Differences between Legal Systems
Economic System
Political System
Religion Law
History of …
Grouping of Legal Systems into Families of Law
Common Core of Legal Systems

The Most Important Legal Systems

English Law

Introduction to the English Legal System
Common Law
Interpretation of Precedents
The Judiciary
Interpretation of Statutes
Legal Education in England
Legal Profession in England
Spread of English Law

United States Law

Constitutional Litigation
The Judiciary
Legal Education in the United States
Legal Profession in the United States
Spread of United States Law
French Law
Historical Background of French Law
The Napoleon Code
The Judiciary
Legal Education in France
Legal Profession in France
Spread of French Law

German Law

History of German Law
German Civil Code (BGB)
The Judiciary
Legal Education in Germany
Legal Profession in Germany
Spread of German Law

Chinese Law

Chinese Law Development
Legal Education in China
Legal Profession in China
Spread of Chinese Law

Moslem Law

Sources of Moslem Law 171
Legal Method in Moslem Law
Spread of Moslem Law
Islamic Legal Culture

Other Legal Systems

African Customary Law
Czech Republic Legal System
The Netherlands Legal System
European Civil Code
German Law
Israel Legal System
Italy Legal System
Japanese Legal System
Poland Legal System
Spain Legal System
African Legal System
Asian Legal System
Sweden Legal System
Switzerland Legal System


Foreign Law
Foreign Legal Research Resources
Comparative Law in the Courtroom
Comparative Law in the Law Schools
Comparative Law Theory
Globalization of Law
Common Law
Comparative Legal History
Comparative Family Law
Unification of Law
Sources of Law
Legal Method
Europeanization of Private Law

Agency and Representation
Goals of Comparative Law
Canada Legal System
United States Legal System
Australia Legal System
Belgium Legal System
Canada Legal System
Civil Procedure
Commercial Regulation
Common Law
Comparative Law and Economics
Competition Law (Antitrust Law)
Consideration in Comparative Law
Constitutional Law
Consumer Protection
Coordination of Legal Systems
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Privacy Law
Private International Law
Product Liability
Property Law
Real Rights
Public Law
Remedies for Breach of Contract
Russian Legal System
Scots Legal System
Social Security Law
South Africa Legal System

Tax Law
Tort Law
Rule of Law in a Global Context
Statutory Interpretation
Force Majeure
Transfer of Movable Property
Transnational Law
Trust Law
Unjustified Enrichment

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Further Reading

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