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Summary of Carrier

A firm engaged in the business of transporting persons or goods for profit. Railroads, trucking companies, airlines, and steamship operators are examples of carriers. Carriers can be divided into three categories: the private carrier moves only its own goods or those of its affiliates; the contract carrier transports the goods of an unrelated firm under a written contract covering many shipments at an agreed rate over a period of time; the common carrier transports goods for the general public at rates published in a tariff. Recent Federal legislation has largely exempted most carriers from economic regulation, particularly as relates to rate levels, although carriers are still subject to local regulation on purely intrastate commerce.

(Main Author: William J. Miller)

Carrier in Aging Law

Concept of Carrier in the context of Community Health Care and Services for Older Persons, published by the World Health Organization (WHO):An insurer; an underwriter of risk, who finances health care. Also refers to any organization which underwrites or administers life, health or other insurance programmes.

Carrier in International Trade

Meaning of Carrier, according to the Dictionary of International Trade (Global Negotiator): An individual or legal entity that is the business of transporting passengers or goods for hire. Shipping lines, airlines, trucking companies and railroad companies are all carriers. The carrier may be an actual carrier (called an undercarrier) or a “non-equipment-operating” carrier such a non-vessel operating common carrier or airfreight consolidator.



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Hierarchical Display of Carrier

Transport > Organisation of transport > Organisation of transport > Transport company


Concept of Carrier

See the dictionary definition of Carrier.

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Thesaurus of Carrier

Transport > Organisation of transport > Organisation of transport > Transport company > Carrier

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