Artic Law

Artic Law

Arctic and Antarctic legal resources

Polar – General

The Polar Regions (Willassen)
Very Well-Produced Pages. On Antarctica, includes Maps, Facts, Pictures, Science Links, Projects and country Information. For the Arctic, covers Regional Information, Alaska, Svalbard, Barents Region, Science Links, Projects and country Information
The Polar Web(University of Lapland)
This Site is planned as a Coverage of All Topics related to the Arctic, Antarctic and Other Cold Regions

Polar Link Page (Association of Polish Geomorphologists)
Extensive Collection of Arctic and Antarctic Links

Polar Programs (U.S.National Science Foundation)
Programs; Grants; Documents; Search

Scott Polar Research Institute (Cambridge University)
Current Research; Staff and Students’ Web Pages; Research Groups Review; Teaching; Library; Archives;Links


Arctic Circle
Natural Resources; History; Culture; Social Equality; Environmental Justice; Museum; Virtual Classroom; Arctic Forum

The Green Arctic (NETi)
North Trondelag, Agriculture, Nordland, Petroleum Industry, Tourism, Troms, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Finnmark, the Sami, Svalbard, Map
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Arctic Perspectives)
Background; Geography; Geology; Caribou; Other Wildlife; Culture; Will Steger’s Travels; International Agreements; Canada’s Perspective; Prudhoe Bay and the Northern Slope; U.S. Congress; Update; Links

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge(CRS)
Review of Issues relating to the Refuge by Corn and Kumins of the U.S. Congressional Research Service

International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)
Members; Agenda; Catalogue; Publications List; Newsletters; National Plans

Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS)
The Strategy includes CAFF and AMAP(next items)

Programme for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)
The Programme, adopted by the Arctic States at Rovaniemi in Finland in 1991, provides a Forum for tackling Arctic Conservation Issues. This Site links to the CAFF Newsletters, CAFF Documents on Habitat and Species Conservation, Biodiversity Convention Issues, Integration of Indigenous Peoples and their Ecological Knowledge. CAFF Program Management and Meetings and Maps of Protected Areas

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)
General Information on this Component of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy, Contact Points, Publications List, AMAP Initiatives on GIS, Radioactivity, Human Health and Indigenous Peoples Organizations

The Northern Forum
The Northern Forum, consisting of Northern Countries, Provinces and Other Subdivisions of Countries from Canada; Finland; Mongolia; Russia; Sweden; Republic of Korea; China; Japan; Norway and the U.S.A. The Forum coordinates Projects and improves Communications. Examples are Transportation Routes; Wildlife Management; Technology Transfer; Oil Spills. Web Site includes Information on each Member; Projects; Publications

International Northern Sea Route Programme (INSROP)
Introduction; Overview; Main Projects; Sub-Programmes on Natural Conditions and Ice Navigation, Environmental Factors, Trade and Commercial Shipping Aspects, Political, Legal and Strategic Factors. Bibliography with Some Full-Text Papers

Canadian Department of Indian and Northern Affairs
Includes FAQ, Publications on the Canadian Indian, Northern Oil and Gas, Federal Policy on Aboriginal Self-Government, European Union’s Import Restrictions on Wild Fur and its Impact on Canadian Indigenous Peoples

Greenland Guide
Tourist Information, Photographs, Stamps, Government Minerals Office, Conferences

Barents Information System(NORUT)
Map of Barents Region, Resources in Region, Resources in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden, Barents Project Data

Alaska Newspapers
Articles from the Bering Strait Record; The Tundra Drums; The Cordova Times; The Dutch Harbor Fisherman; The Bristol Bay Times; The Seward Phoenix Log

Arctic (Profaca)
Collection of Links


Map of Antarctic Research Stations and Territorial Claims(Texas)

Gateway to Antarctica
Antarctic Treaties and other Antarctic information from ICAIR

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
SCAR Constitution; National Membership; Subsidiary Groups; Publications; Future Meetings

Current Antarctic Literature (CRREL)
Very Comprehensive Monthly Bibliography

The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC)
General Information; Action Items; Campaign Issues; Resources; Current Press; Links

Antarctic Warming – Early Signs of Global Climate Change(Greenpeace)
Report on Antarctic Warming, Ice-Shelf Disintegration, Ecological Impacts, Ozone Depletion. Photos of Larsen Ice Shelf before and after the Melt, Map of Northern Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Managers Electronic Network(AMEN)
Includes Information on the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (General Information and Details of National Programs), Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)(under construction)

Antarctic Support Associates
ASA provides logistic support for the U.S.Antarctic Programme. Server will include Press Releases, Antarctic News Clips, Links to other Antarctic-related Servers and NSF Polar Archive

International Association for Antarctica Tour Operatorsn(ICAIR)

Australian Antarctic Division

Antarctica New Zealand
The Government Antarctic Programme. Sites includes Science Activities, Information, Related Sites, What’s New, Scott Base

British Antarctic Survey (NERC)
The Survey carries out the British Antarctic Science Programme, implements Compliance with The Antarctic Treaty and administers the British Antarctic Territory. Site includes Press Releases, Meetings, General Information, Science Programmes, Administration

Virtual Antarctica (Terraquest)
Planned to be one of the most extensive Web sources on Antarctic Wildlife, Geology, History and Ecology

Glacier (Rice University)
Exploring Antarctica; Earth Systems; Polar Links

Adventure Associates
Antarctic Tour Operator: Destinations; News; Calendar; Gallery; Links

Antarctica (Mario Profaca)
Extensive List of Links



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