Arbitration resources

Arbitration resources

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Arbitration books by year:

2012 – Challenge and Disqualification of Arbitrators in International Arbitration, Daele (ed)

2012 – The Core Standard of International Investment Protection, Diehl

2012 – The Energy Charter Treaty: The Notion of Investor, Baltag

2011 – Arbitration with the Arab Countries, El Ahdab and El Ahdab

2011 – China-Africa Dispute Settlement: The Law, Economics and Culture of Arbitration, Kidane (ed)

2011 – Confidentiality in International commercial arbitration , Smeureanu (ed)

2011 – EU and US Antitrust Arbitration, Blanke and Landolt (ed)

2011 – ICCA’s Guide to the Interpretation of the 1958 New York Convention: A Handbook for Judges,

2011 – International Arbitration and International Commercial Law : Synergy, Convergence and Evolution, Krüll, Mistelis, et al. (ed)

2011 – International Arbitration: Cases and Materials, Born

2011 – Protecting Investment in Services: Investor-State Arbitration versus WTO Dispute Settlement, Molinuevo

2011 – Sustainable Development in World Investment Law, Cordonier Segger, Gehring, et al. (ed)

2010 – Concise International Arbitration, Mistelis (ed)

2010 – Guide to ICSID Arbitration, Reed, Paulsson, et al.

2010 – International Arbitration and Forum Selection Agreements: Drafting and Enforcing, Born

2010 – International Arbitration and Mediation: A Practical Guide, McIlwrath and Savage

2010 – International Intellectual Property Arbitration, Cook and Garcia

2010 – Liber Amicorum Bernardo Cremades, Fernández-Ballesteros and Arias (ed)

2010 – Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: A Global Commentary on the New York Convention, Kronke, Nacimiento, et al. (ed)

2010 – Substantive Law in Investment Treaty Arbitration, Sasson

2010 – The Backlash against Investment Arbitration, Waibel, Kaushal, et al. (ed)

2010 – The Freshfields Guide to Arbitration Clauses in International Contracts, Paulsson, Rawding, et al. (ed)

2009 – A Guide to the NAI Arbitration Rules, van der Bend, Leijten, et al. (ed)

2009 – Arbitrability, Mistelis and Brekoulakis (ed)

2009 – Bias Challenges in International commercial arbitration : The Need for a “Real Danger” Test, Luttrell

2009 РFrench Arbitration Law and Practice, Delvolv̩, Pointon, et al.

2009 – International Commercial Arbitration , Born

2009 – Law and Practice of Investment Treaties , Newcombe and Paradell

2009 – Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration, Redfern, Hunter, et al.

2009 – The 32nd America’s Cup Jury and its Decisions, Peter (ed)

2009 – The Vienna Rules: A Commentary on International Arbitration in Austria, Schwarz and Konrad

2008 – Arbitration Law and Practice in China, Tao

2008 – EBLR Special Edition – Arbitrating Competition Law Issues, Blanke (ed)

2008 – Force Majeure and Hardship under General Contract Principles, Brunner

2008 – Valuation for Arbitration, Kantor

2007 – Arbitration in Germany: The Model Law in Practice, Bückstiegel, Krüll, et al. (ed)

2007 – International Dispute Resolution In Latin America, Leathley

2007 – Managing Business Disputes in Today’s China, Moser (ed)

2006 – Arbitration and Mediation in International Business, Bühring-Uhle, Kirchhof, et al.

2006 – Complex Arbitrations, Hanotiau

2006 – International Construction Arbitration Law, Jenkins and Stebbings

2006 – Investment Disputes under NAFTA, Kinnear, Bjorklund, et al.

2006 – Modernised EC Competition Law in International Arbitration, Landolt

2006 – NAFTA Chapter Eleven Reports, Brower II, Coe Jr., et al.

2005 – Foreign Investment Disputes, Bishop, Crawford, et al.

2005 – Guide to the ICC Rules of Arbitration, Derains and Schwarz

2005 – Provisional Measures in International Commercial Arbitration , Yesilirmak

2005 – Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, Zuberbühler, Muller, et al.

2004 – Arbitrating Foreign Investment Disputes, Horn and Krüll (ed)

2004 – Digest of CAS Awards III 2001-2003, Reeb (ed)

2004 – International Arbitration in Switzerland, Kaufmann-Kohler and Stucki

2003 – Arbitral Awards of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration II 1997-2000, Alam Eldin (ed)

2003 – Arbitration in the America’s Cup, Peter (ed)

2003 – Collection of WIPO Domain Name Panel Decisions, Lilleengen and Min

2003 – Comparative International Commercial Arbitration, Lew, Mistelis, et al.

2002 – Digest of CAS Awards II 1998-2000, Reeb (ed)

2001 – International Commercial Arbitration: Commentary and Materials, Born

2000 – Arbitral Awards of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration I (2000), Alam Eldin (ed)

2000 – The Settlement of Foreign Investment Disputes, Sornarajah

1999 – Fouchard Gaillard Goldman on International Commercial Arbitration, Gaillard and Savage (ed)

1998 – Digest of CAS Awards I 1986-1998, Reeb (ed)

1995 – Arbitration and Renegotiation of International Investment, Peter

1995 – Nafta and Investment, Rubin and Alexander (ed)

1984 – International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration, Paulsson (ed)

Arbitration journals

Arbitraje: Revista de Arbitraje Comercial y de Inversiones
Arbitration International
ASA Bulletin
Asian International Arbitration Journal
International Journal of Arab Arbitration
Journal of International Arbitration
Revue de l’Arbitrage
Spain Arbitration Review Revista del Club Español del Arbitraje
Spain Arbitration Review | Revista del Club Español del Arbitraje

Arbitration Conventions

Algiers Accords
Amman Convention
APPGI of the OIC
Arab League Convention
ASEAN Treaties
CMEA / Moskou Convention
European Convention
Geneva Convention
IAIGC Convention
ICSID / Washington Convention
MAI Draft Consolidated Text
MIGA Convention
Montevideo Convention
New York Convention
OHADA Treaties
Panama Convention
Vienna Convention



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