The Legal History of Literature and Law in Ancient Greece This section provides an overview of Literature and Law in Ancient Greece Greece in 2011 United States views on international law (based on the document "Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law"): On July 17, 2011, the […]

Common Law

Introduction to Common Law "Common Law, term used to refer to the main body of English unwritten law that evolved from the 12th century onward. The name comes from the idea that English medieval law, as administered by the courts of the realm, reflected the "common"customs of […]

Private Property

Property Property and Political Philosophies

Introduction to Private Property

The concept of private property has been challenged by political philosophies such as communism and socialism. According to Communist doctrine, for example, ownership of real property and most personal prop…

Free Trade

Introduction Free Trade, interchange of commodities across political frontiers without restrictions such as tariffs, quotas, or foreign exchange controls. This economic policy contrasts with protectionist policies that use such restrictions to protect or stimulate domestic industries. See […]

Common Topics

Common Topics Arbitration Arms Control Bill of Exchange Cemeteries Church Church Properties Common Law Competition law Contracts Conventions Courts Criminal … Read more

Property History

Introduction to Property History

The concept of property originated in ancient times. Societies apparently held most property rights-such as the right to hunt or fish in a given area-in common. Although some private ownership of personal property, such as weapons and cooking utensils, existe…

Adam Smith

The Doctrine of Adam Smith

Beginnings of Modern Capitalism

The ideas of Adam Smith represented more than just the first systematic treatise on economics; they were a frontal attack on the doctrines of mercantilism. Like the physiocrats, Smith tried to show the existence of a "na…