MPEPIL: International environmental law

MPEPIL: International environmental law


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International environmental law:

1. Aboriginal Title, Mostert, Hanri
2. Access to Information on Environmental Matters, Ebbesson, Jonas
3. Access to Justice in Environmental Matters, Ebbesson, Jonas
4. Agenda 21, Shelton, Dinah
5. Amu Darya and Syr Darya Rivers and Aral Sea, Pring, George (Rock) and Angel, Braden
6. Atmosphere, International Protection, Kreuter-Kirchhof, Charlotte
7. Biological Diversity, International Protection, Matz-Lück, Nele
8. Biological Safety, Bückenfürde, Markus
9. Certain Phosphate Lands in Nauru Case (Nauru v Australia), Schrijver, Nico J
10. Clean Development Mechanism, Sands, Philippe J and Millar, Ilona
11. Climate, International Protection, Sands, Philippe J and Millar, Ilona
12. Colorado River, Pring, George (Rock) and Moehring, Ryan
13. Columbia River, Pring, George (Rock) and Whitehead, Kirk
14. Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), Subedi, Surya P
15. Common but Differentiated Responsibilities, Hey, Ellen
16. Common Heritage of Mankind, Wolfrum, Rüdiger
17. Community Interest, Feichtner, Isabel
18. Compensation Fund, Kojima, Chie
19. Compliance, Bothe, Michael
20. Conservation of Natural Resources, Beyerlin, Ulrich and Holzer, Vanessa
21. Debt-for-Nature Swaps, Magraw, Daniel B and Blomquist, Robert F
22. Desertification, Beyerlin, Ulrich
23. Earth Charter (2000), Bosselmann, Klaus
24. Eco-Labelling, Rüben, Volker
25. Ecological Protection Zones, Wolf, Sarah
26. Emissions Trading, Schrüder, Meinhard
27. Endangered Species, International Protection, Sand, Peter H
28. Environment and Human Rights, Boyle, Alan
29. Environment and Indigenous Peoples, A Strydom, Hendrik
30. Environment, International Protection, Beyerlin, Ulrich and Stoutenburg, Jenny Grote
31. Environment, Multilateral Agreements, Brunnée, Jutta
32. Environment, Private Standard-Setting, Friedrich, Jürgen
33. Environment, Protection in Armed Conflict, Vüneky, Silja and Wolfrum, Rüdiger
34. Environment, Role of Non-Governmental Organizations, Fuchs, Christine
35. Environmental Accidents, Boyle, Alan and Harrison, James
36. Environmental Compliance Control, Fitzmaurice, Malgosia
37. Environmental Dispute Settlement, Boyle, Alan
38. Environmental Ethics, Bosselmann, Klaus
39. Environmental Impact Assessment, Epiney, Astrid
40. Environmentally Sound Economic Activity, International Law, Pushkareva, Elvira
41. Equator Principles, González Napolitano, Silvina S
42. Equitable Utilization of Shared Resources, del Castillo-Laborde, Lilian
43. Estuaries, Franckx, Erik
44. Fish Stocks, Bangert, Kaare
45. Fisheries Agreements, Bangert, Kaare
46. Fisheries, High Seas , Freestone, David
47. Fisheries, Sedentary, Kojima, Chie
48. Fishery Zones and Limits, Rothwell, Donald R
49. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Mechlem, Kerstin
50. Forests, International Protection, Desai, Bharat H
51. Gab?à­kovo-Nagymaros Case (Hungary/Slovakia), Schrijver, Nico J and Prislan, Vid
52. Genetically Modified Organisms, Bückenfürde, Markus
53. Global Compact, Khan, Rahmatullah
54. Global Environment Facility (GEF), Dolzer, Rudolf
55. Groundwater Protection, Mechlem, Kerstin
56. Hazardous Substances, Transboundary Impacts, Daniel, Anne
57. Hazardous Wastes, Transboundary Impacts, Daniel, Anne
58. Interdependence, Mahiou, Ahmed
59. Internal Waters, Bangert, Kaare
60. International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds, Mensah, Thomas A
61. International Watercourses, Environmental Protection, McCaffrey, Stephen C
62. Intertanko Case, Lorenzmeier, Stefan
63. Joint Implementation, Schrüder, Meinhard
64. Lac Lanoux Arbitration, Epiney, Astrid
65. Liability for Environmental Damage, Douhan, Alena
66. Marine Environment, International Protection, Künig, Doris
67. Marine Mammals, ProelàŸ, Alexander
68. Marine Pollution from Ships, Prevention of and Responses to, Mensah, Thomas A
69. Marine Protected Areas, Wolf, Sarah
70. Meuse, Diversion of Water Case (Netherlands v Belgium), Meijerink, Sander
71. Migratory Species, International Protection, ProelàŸ, Alexander
72. Moselle River, Hamann, Andrea and Ruiz Fabri, Hélène
73. MOX Plant Arbitration and Cases, Churchill, Robin R
74. Natural Resources, Permanent Sovereignty over, Schrijver, Nico J
75. Nature, International Protection, Odendahl, Kerstin
76. Nile River, Elwan, Omaia
77. North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (1993), Markell, David L
78. Northwest Passage (Canadian-American Controversy), Handl, Günther
79. Nuclear Tests Cases, Watts QC, Arthur
80. Nuclear Waste Disposal, Sievers, Babette
81. Nuclear Weapons Advisory Opinions, Bothe, Michael
82. Orange River, Pring, George (Rock) and Abosedra, Matthew S
83. Ozone Layer, International Protection, Sarma, K Madhava and Andersen, Stephen O and Zaelke, Durwood and Taddonio, Kristen N
84. Paria, Gulf of, Gioia, Andrea
85. Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), Rose, Gregory
86. Plant Genetic Resources, International Protection, Rose, Gregory
87. Polluter Pays, Boyle, Alan
88. Precautionary Approach/Principle, Schrüder, Meinhard
89. Prior Informed Consent, Peiry Kummer, Katharina
90. Public Participation in Environmental Matters, Ebbesson, Jonas
91. Pulp Mills on the River Uruguay (Argentina v Uruguay), Vernet, Paula Marà­a
92. Regional Seas, Environmental Protection, Baker, Betsy and Share, Alison
93. Salvage, Garabello, Roberta
94. Sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas, Brunnée, Jutta
95. Stockholm Declaration (1972) and Rio Declaration (1992), Shelton, Dinah
96. Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks, Anderson, David Heywood
97. Sustainable Development, Beyerlin, Ulrich
98. Trail Smelter Arbitration, Miller, Russell A
99. Union Carbide Cases, Epiney, Astrid
100. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Pushkareva, Elvira
101. US—Shrimp Case, Oesch, Matthias
102. Water, Right to, International Protection, Benvenisti, Eyal
103. Wetlands, Hey, Ellen
104. Whaling, Braig, Jochen
105. World Natural Heritage, Odendahl, Kerstin



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